Don’t Expect Your Esquire To Win All Cases!

Lawyers are very unique in the community just like any other profession. They are one of the most respected people in society. This is one profession that many parents, always strive for their children to practice.

There are some people who accept that you clearly have nothing to lose as a lawyer. Because it’s a win – win area. But as humans, regardless of our status, we end up having to fail or make mistakes. The fact that you’re a lawyer, doesn’t mean you can’t fail. We must remember that it is not success but failure that we learn from. Lawyers are no different, because they are also experienced in losing cases from time to time. In fact, some lawyers lose weighty cases to the shock of their clients.

Some cases are so complicated and sensitive that, the lawyer will be disgraced shamefully if he does not approach it with a strong sense of intelligence supported by law. In an interview with a lawyer on the issue, he said: “We win and lose motions, we win or lose trials, we win or lose appeals, we don’t steal from our prospective customers as speculated, we continue or lose our existing customers too.”

According to him, the client takes the risks, but the lawyer is verbally abused if the results did not meet the client’s expectations.
Lawyers are beginning to believe that in some cases their failures can be private or public.

It should never surprise you to hear from a lawyer who lost a case. The problem is that most people, after paying so much money, hope to win by all means. And if not, the tendency to abuse lawyers in many ways is high. On the other hand, we also have to understand the situation of these clients, because some of these lawyers, after taking the money, sit or relax and slow down the process. Others will tell you that some cases would’ve to be tested before trial.

As a writer, I have read a lot about these cases for the sake of clarity. And I found a drama where a Canadian lawyer constantly won every motion, trial, and objections. And it was an incredible feat. Lawyers seem to have a good reputation for credibility, and so they fight hard to maintain that. Lawyers can submit their loss records for petitions and lawsuits, but does it suit the customer? I am pretty sure you get the picture am painting. In fact, often when a case is won, the lawyer gets praises from the client for a job well done. On the other hand, if it is the reverse, then the “fire” will ignite. The client rant here and there claiming that the Lawyer is the worst thing they have ever seen. These clients also forget if a lawyer advises them in certain cases and they refuses to listen, it violates them. For example, a lawyer repeatedly tells his client that he will lose if he goes to court on a particular case. If he ignores and loses, he accuses the lawyer for a failed job. Did the Lawyer fail? NO! because he gave the right advice, but the client ignored it. The client failed, not the lawyer.

We must also remember that after hearing all the evidence and instructions from the jury that seems to benefit all your clients, the lawyer, as if, should be involved in canceling and sending the decision back to the other party. If the lawyer has a good case, does everything possible with all the facts and a supportive law, but he still loses, then at this point, he has failed miserably and there is nothing to explain. He failed because he could intelligently prevent the complexity of the case.

Based on all these, for new lawyers, especially for those on their own, it is important to learn from the long serving lawyers who have paid their dues many times over the years. They shouldn’t be shy. Ask for your mistakes; and they will help you to understand it better and how you can succeed later. They have a long career and many times on a plate.

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