Great Decision Are Accompanied By Adequate Information!

Making better decisions is not easy. For that, you need a high level of confidence and intelligence. Many people think that when they learn about Behavioral Change, you’re good to be a great decision maker. Well, that might be true, but it isn’t justified that you can always make good decisions. There are many who know this trait very well, but it does not necessarily deal with behavior change.
As an employer, you can make better decisions based on the behavior of your business partners and their employees.

People are greatly influenced by emotions and irrational decisions. Therefore, honesty and better information are needed to make the best decision.

In one experiment, a teacher gave a glass to half of the students in the class and asked them to give a grade. It’s funny that students who already have cups put twice as much emphasis on those who didn’t. Clearly, this shows that people value something they already have. Theoretically better information should lead to better decisions.

The Decision To Either Go here or there

However, in another NFL Draft Pick study, a behavior teacher found that the professional team put too much emphasis or value on the initial selection, especially because the scouts took so much information that they believed they could predict good players. It is said that “the more information the team collects for the players, the more confident they are in their ability to make an extraordinary difference.” The survey also shows that people have healthy standards of justice. Because most consumers don’t know what goods are truly valuable, they determine their value based on what seems “fair”. In a recession, employers tend to lay off workers instead of cutting wages, perhaps from the perspective that workers view wage cuts as “unfair”.

The lesson is that irrational human behavior, if expected, can be motivated or easily promoted.

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