Learn Not To Rely On Anyone. This Story Is An Evidence!

Life is fun, but there are also unexpected circumstances or uncertainties that may come our way. That’s why we should guard it vigilantly. Unforeseen situations are unavoidable and can occur anytime. There are many people who are deeply affected by terrible situations and end up trying to get support from friends or relatives. In most cases, there are no support if you urgently need them. People make excuses here and there to justify why they can’t help you in your “dying” time.

In a fatal incident, a man, Mark, lost his father on the spot and was also amputated. At the hospital, he called a couple friends and family members to support his hospital bills. His father was the main bearer of the family whilst he was at school at that time. As the only child of his father, the 25-year-old man tried to reach all the close people, but the calls just wouldn’t go through. Luckily, one of his friends called his number to check up on him, not knowing what has happened. Sorrowful Mark narrated to his friend the whole story to sympathize with him. The “so called” friend took pity on him and promised to help him, but Mark never heard from him again. Mark continued to cry for help from other relatives, and this time, several phone calls were connected but no one offered to help. Others apologize that they cannot help.

The interesting part of this story is that, most of these people Mark contacted, were assisted by his late father to finance their small businesses but none of them helped. He geared the focus towards his father’s friends, who were his business partners at several points, including their family lawyer. The lawyer pointed out to the accident victim that the time when he would have all the monies his late dad left was not due. So he has to wait until the time comes. Mark was highly expectant that he would’ve been given a little support by the lawyer but it never happened. “How true is what he just said” this was Mark’s comment after the lawyer hanged up.
He finally tried his religious leader. The pastor also felt that they would visit him after the end of their four-day convention. Mark cried as he wandered. “Is this how cruel the world is?” he said. It was a sad moment for him.

With this story, one might think that each one of these people who was contacted by Mark at least would have supported him, but it was a dream that never happened.

Life is about you. I mean YOU! Live as if you’ll die tomorrow. Because humans are creatures that are “unpredictable, irrational and emotional. It is not healthy to invest too much in them or rely on them without having your own voice. However, in many ways, you need people in your life. To be independent , start small by increasing from zero with small steps.

Never feel bad if you go through every life-struggle but rid yourself of the fear that is blocking you. Try doing everything yourself. In this way you develop confidence through self-expression. To seal this, however, do good to others when you are in a good position and spend time thinking about life experiences.

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