Do You Also Believe That The World Always Favours The Wicked?

It’s a shame to see an armed robber who killed a family of four people, and then in court, by order of a higher authority, the culprit is released on basis that he has a relationship with an influential person in society. He was found not guilty of charges. In a similar scenario, a woman was arrested on suspicion of theft, but was immediately charged and immediately put behind bars.

Meanwhile, a rapist was caught red-handed and brought to court, but during the deed, an innocent man urinating near the incident rushed to the scene to save the victim. Unfortunately, he was also arrested on the spot in connection with what happened. Both were sentenced to 20 years in prison. So you ask yourself the millionaire question: how can this world be so ‘sick’? There are thousands and unjust scenarios that state that this world is truly unfair.

We live in a fallen world, that’s the first thing we need to know. Not as it should be. The strong exploits the weak, the rich exploits the poor, the evil exploits the gullible, the vulnerable, and so on. We may choose good or evil, but it’s good there is always a law that protects the innocent. The question is: does the law even brings the required justice all the time?

Many good people suffer, which of course they do not expect. And it is very difficult and painful to accept such situations, but you have no choice. Those who usually go through such pain sometimes see the world as very strange and probably a world turned upside down. They believe that everything possible must be done to improve humanity, but apparently not. Because of greed, power and passion for lust, bad people always rise to the top with the best things, as against the good or innocent people. According to Vox Pops compiled, consisting of various countries, the system is indeed not beneficial to good people. Who and what makes the world all evil? It is the same humans who cause pains and sufferings to ourselves, making the world very unbearable for some people.

However, other schools of thought believe that the above has not been proven. In the understanding of the true God, he has given us special rights and free will to be wise and vigilant, so that we do not fall prey to godless people and do not exceed our limits in our activities.

According to the Sikh and Christian scriptures, bad people might succeed today by tricking the gullible, but one day they will all be brought to justice. Others also feel in vain to believe that bad people will one day be condemned and that in one way or another they keep ‘hunting’ the innocent.

The Christian Bible answers all our questions, but that might not be the answer we want. The same Bible talks about how Jeremiah asked God why the way of the wicked prosper and all unbelievers lived at ease. In another Bible verse, Ecclesiastes also says in verse 8:14, “There is something unimportant that happens on earth: the righteous get what the wicked deserves, and the wicked also get what the righteous get, confirming our discussion of the World may be designed to be unjust to the good people, while the bad always accept what they want. So can we say that the wicked or godless are blessed while the good ones are rather termed evil?

Some wealthy people in the community trust their wealth and therefore do not respect the poor and vulnerable. They always oppress and manipulate the poor in various ways for their benefit. Additionally, they also have a way out of their sins compared to the poor, who always beg for something they have never even done. The wicked actually don’t really care about what Jesus said, that our first priority is to store treasure in heaven. Of course, in some cases, you only want evil for the person who hurt you so much. Therefore, when you see the same person making progress in life, you cannot understand how unfair the world is.

Other schools of thought also believe that the law of karma is the most perfect form of truth where perfect payback is made for every action at the right time. According to the law of karma, bad things happen to people either in response or as a result of bad karma that they may have done in the past. And in usual cases, good things also happen to good people if they do something good that they might have done well in the past. Unfortunately, some people still don’t understand that law.

The law of karma is an absolute law and gives perfect results from every action at the right time. God punishes His children for their sins without prejudice.

The funny part of this is that, it can take years for the exact situation you wanted to happen to a bad person to materialise. Others also believe that God does not allow humans to suffer. Humans themselves are the only cause of their suffering or joy in this world. That has nothing to do with God. If you suffer, it is a karmic reaction to something bad that you yourself have done in a previous life. If you enjoy it, it is a karmic reaction to something good that you have done.

Krishnas also believes that: A person who is not jealous, but friendly to all living beings, who does not consider himself superhuman and is free from an equal false ego in happiness and suffering, tolerant, always satisfied, controlled and determined, committed to devotional service, are the simples principles to wealth and freedom from life sufferings.

Bad people can be very cunning. So if your friend always praises you, beware. He may dangerously be doing it outside a hidden agenda as it can push your ego inward. The enemy is a true friend who always criticizes your sin for developing a caring attitude towards you.

Most of the world’s population believes that the world prefers bad people in many cases. Even atheists know this, but they still blame God in the case of unnecessary tragic suffering. They do not understand God’s infinite goodness when it comes to changing souls for better development.

This is a clear indication that God does not rule the earth, but the devil (Satan) does. This statement is supported or justified by the Christian quote Luke 4: 5 which says: The devil led him up to a high place and showed him all the kingdoms of the world…
Because of this, people come to the conclusion that this alone confirms why bad people are favoured by the world.

Does this end the discussion that the World favours the wicked? Let’s talk more!!

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