Interesting How These People Do Not Suffer From Depression And Are Largely Satisfied With Their Lives

Travel: New Guinea

Regardless of what humans think, depression will be a part of us until the end of time. It’s been there since creation and no one can delete it completely. However, we can reduce its wide extension. Following from above, Kalulis are a specific group of people who experience depression and are able to treat their symptoms. Yes, they also suffer from more stressful life events, just like any other people (high infant mortality, death and parasitic infections, etc.).

However, they have their own special way of lowering this psychological behavior than almost every civilized population on earth.

An Anthropologist, who was preoccupied with all these stories, doubted that this population could control depression so easily like that. So in 1986 he quickly moved to a mountainous area on the island of Papua, an Oceania country to investigate the spread of depression. In his research, he found that in fact nearly 2,000 inhabitants of the Kaluli tribe did not experience depression except for an old man who had this problem.

Kalulis, as they are called, are so unique that they are not even interested in whether there is medical treatment for depression or not. They lived happily after their normal lives. They were always able to visualize a happy future.

So how did these Papuans deal with depression as and when they come? Interestingly, their secret lies in their habits, especially in Exercising and hobbyism. Almost every Kaluli resident conducts activities to develop their skills or abilities and specifically to prevent depression. They had enough engagements every day compared to most of the population in other countries. According to a number of studies, exercise as an antidepressant is most effective in the treatment of depression. And that’s what these people practiced.

Getting ready to go on their usual busy schedule

Exercising and getting busy is one of the fastest ways to kill depression. But remember that depressed people don’t even have the energy they need to move. If you can’t find something to do, one of the best ways to engage yourself is to go for a walk with a friend if you don’t fancy going alone. When you go talking with your friends or whoever you are doing this with, you reactivate parts of your brain that might go offline during depression. No need to be walking fast, but slowly, maybe with a bottle of water in your hands. This exercise can be done three or four times a week. And the results are amazing.

Another major cause of depression is hobbyism. Attach something that you find very interesting. For example, writing, playing soccer, sword fighting, basketball, collecting stamps from one city to the other, etc. All of this allows you to get rid of negative thoughts outside your head and keep you entertained as well. They are good for preventing depression. Residents in the highlands of New Guinea (the Papuans) had the sense to kill depression with these two practices (exercising and hobbyism). Always remember that Negative cyclic thinking is always associated with depression.

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