This Is How Powerful ‘Thank You” And “Please” Can Be!

I drove straight to the gas station when I realized that my car was vibrating. I suspected that I was out of fuel. Just when I entered the gas station, a young woman came up to me and said: “Please, sir, we are very sorry, but we are out of fuel. If you can go somewhere else, it will be a good decision.” I turned around to leave. She approached the car and said again, thank you for understanding me!

Meanwhile, I had gone to another gas station before I drove here. And the reaction of the attendant, was way below standard and terrible. The man who was the station employee was idlely relaxing as he stared at me with a strange expression that shows that there was no fuel at the station. Shifting your attention back to the well mannered lady, I felt touched by what she did. At least I was relieved after the stress of pressure to fill my fuel pump. I drove away quickly and thanked her for the good job mannerisms.

Three months later, I visited a newly opened gas station, which was only meters from the previous gas station. And before I got there, I was surprised, there was a big queue. I asked one of the people in the queue if there was a special discount for gasoline, because I was shocked of what I saw. He told me that there was nothing at stake, but the gas station attendant was their reason for being involved – her respect for people was unthinkable. I was very eager to see who this woman was and what could be the reason for such large customers.

As I lined up in my car, I pulled my neck to see the woman serving the customers, but one of them had more people than all four. I got out of my car and headed straight for her. Here, that is the same woman I met with so much work etiquettes a few months ago. As usual, she smiled at me and said, “Hello, sir, you are here too, welcome and please enter the queue, I will immediately serve you.” I was very happy for her. So she is the reason for this queue? I asked myself.

This time I was no longer surprised, especially knowing who she is. This is nothing new to me, because apart from her beautiful smile, the two words: PLEASE AND THANK YOU, do all the miracles for her. These two words are very powerful, but many people don’t realize that it is necessary to pay attention to them. Our little courtesy can even change our balance Profit and Loss Account to the better. Thank you and Please don’t kill, but it is very difficult for so many people to share with colleagues, customers, employees, employers, and all others involved in the field of life.

Being grateful can change someone’s behavior as much as it can also change someone’s impressions about you. Many companies have made a lot of money because of their employees. Employees who do not joking around these two words. For someone to show you more love, it depends on how much you value these two words. And if those simple words are always disappearing in your mouth, what else can you say? Of course everyone wants to be pampered one way or the other and this is a possibility for that.

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