Tons Of British’s Music Stars Are Being Sexually Harassed

Showbiz/ Entertainment

Sexual harassment has become a big problem in all areas of our lives throughout the world, and the music industry is no exception. The British Music Union has reported similar undesirable progress in recent years. It is interesting how this unwelcome attack irritates most artists, but they cannot speak. The union urged all victims to come out and expose the people behind them, but all warning came without success. Nearly half of British musicians are exposed to sexual harassment in the industry, according to a new study.

What makes it all so disturbing is the fact that the Music Union polled more than 700 players and found that 48% said they experienced sexual harassment at work one way or another. This disturbed the Union why a large percentage of female victims were afraid to speak up. Courageous musicians like Madonna and Cardy B have talked about their experiences in this industry in recent years.

Cardi B

Lily Allen, one of the hottest top stars, also shared her experiences when she was sexually harassed by industry players, including a record executive, when she was drunk during an entertainment show. Of the three mentioned above, no more than 80% dare to reveal anyone. Everyone did not speak about the topic. Many women in industry have one way or the other been sexually attacked, raped by their team members, harassed by their team members and threatened that their careers will end if they did not give in to these advances. Because of this, many of these girls’ careers ended on the road.

There are too many cases of talented musicians, especially young artists or aspirants, who completely left the industry because of sexism, or sexual harassment. Widespread acceptance began to exceed expectations, which is why the British industry stakeholders introduced more systems to protect perpetrators of violence than victims. The union have proposed a number of steps to strengthen and clarify the law so that everyone affected by this heinous behavior is expressly protected.

Unfortunately, those who survived these attacks often couldn’t speak because the consequences for their career or their personal lives will be affected.

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