Are Greetings Compulsory At All?

Self Development

I thought I should greet him for showing respect, but he did not answer my salutation. All he could do was look up at me with a strange face. Out of shame, I passed quickly, just to get out of that disgrace. I am actually a shy person and so when that scene happened, I was very hurt – I looked like a dumb person. A few days later, this 50-year-old man who had previously done this to me also met a similar scene where he greeted his boss in the office and the answer went awry. Therefore, he complained bitterly to his office colleagues that he was put to shame by his boss in the presence of other subordinates. Actually, greetings are not binding actions that should be given to anyone you meet.

If you greet someone, whether you know him or not, it will, in some sense, bring joy to you (the one greeting) and the recipient. Offering such greetings will help both of you in the sense that you will have the opportunity to get to know yourselves. However, if there are secrets, you can share them. And there is the possibility that one might even hint you of a plan against you that your enemy might have planned. Greetings are signs of respect shown to neighbors, friends, family, etc.

Unfortunately, many people feel questioned or troubled to greet and are therefore not interested in these actions. As previously agreed, this action is not enforced, but voluntary. You can choose to be selective in your regard. It’s up to you to decide, but to be on the safe side, it’s good to say hello! to every known or unknown person you meet.

My name is Armanda Osei and you can choose to take my advise or not. It is not binding.

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