Serena Williams Almost Died!


Serena is loved by many people because of what she stands for in the tennis world. She recently wrote a statement that surprised fans and people all over the world. According to her, she almost died after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia, who is only two years old.

The Grand Slam Superstar said she had many complications before birth. One or more arteries in the lungs were blocked by blood clots. In addition, Williams said she always lived in fear of this situation because of her medical history with this problem. At the hospital, when her breathing was short, she quickly called a nurse within a split of a second because she was very scared. The winner of the 23rd Grand Slam was passionate about this raumatic experience.

The incision wound was opened due to a severe cough and as a result of embolism. She had to go back to surgery, where the doctors found a large hematoma in her stomach, and a swollen lumps in her abdomen. Williams returned to the operating room just not to allow blood clots enter the lungs.

After the operation, she finally went back to her family but spent the first six weeks in bed. Williams was also concerned about the financial abuse experienced by women based on what The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found out. As such, Williams stated that black women in the United States die three times more often from the causes of pregnancy or childbirth.

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