Mariah Carey Is Set To Shoot One Of The Biggest Christmas adverts for 2019!


Mariah Carey recently visited Dubai and attended the Dubai Expo 2020 concert which is about a year to go in United Arab Emirates. Apart from her indulgent appearance, her clothes were the subject of discussion as she wore a sparkling dress with platform sandals. Mariah is known for her different fashion tastes and no one dazzles like her. The American singer-songwriter was dressed extraordinarily and impressed with the appearance of a delicate red carpet complete with high heavenly shoes. Describing the dress, Mariah wore a dazzling and almost ethereal gown that was decorated with gold and copper models with beads of Furne One, a designer and founder of Amato Couture from Dubai. She was hailed for such beautiful dress.

The ethereal gown decorated with gold, copper & beads worn by Mariah Carey in Dubai

Few days after these plaudits in Dubai, Walkers (a Snack brand) had planned to involve Mariah Carey as the face of the Christmas Walker campaign for 2019. She will be the new face of the Christmas Walker campaign after it is reported that the Snack giant had signed a £ 9 million contract with her.

The world’s pop superstar replaced Spice Girls as the new face. Obviously, you shouldn’t be surprised about this Advert deal. Mariah Carey is known throughout the world for the Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is You”. This agreement is scheduled to begin in November 2019.

In 2018, Walkers tapped the buds with limited seasonal flavors – including Brussels Walnut, Pigs In Blankets, and Glazed Ham – with customers demanding for a return. Therefore, Walkers planned to satisfy customers with the return of an exciting Christmas from the beloved British brand with the Queen of Christmas as her cult hit song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is 25 years old.

For Walkers, this is far greater than working with a music icon like Mariah Carey.

Interestingly, Mariah Carey is not the only star to jump on the platform in this upcoming step. Lady Gaga is also part of the vacation. Gaga has long been a fan of statement platforms. Others include Britney Spears, Gabriel Union and Jessica Alba.

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