Your Facial Expression Says A Lot About You!


Obviously, every individual has their own innate behavior, so it is difficult to change that person into new behavior. Probably, this will take a long time, although it is possible. You can be in your best of elements in everything you do, but one of the behaviors that can distract you from pursuing your aspirations is your face. Facial muscles have done to many people good and bad at the same time. Our “animal face”, as some people like to call it, no matter biological or not, can embarrass you when you really need a position. There are cases where contracts have been terminated due to facial expressions at the last minute.

To buttress this point, an aspiring musician had gone through all the pain, pressure and struggle to get an agreement to be managed by a record label. He was extremely happy to tell his colleagues in the game and his family about the agreement he was just about to sign. One family member was not contented with it because he thought the money involved was small in amount. So he manipulated the musician’s opinion about the agreement.

This rising musician was very confused, but on the day, he went to the transaction management meeting. During the meeting, he was still confused about signing the agreement. Unfortunately for him, his mind reflected his expression. The recording label asked if he was really ready for the deal because they considered him a good artist. The answer was drawn from his face- it was very bad. Management announced the cancellation of the contract a few seconds later. A few days later, the label signed a new artist with the same starting amount.

So you see, there are many people who never smile and when you ask them, they tell you that’s who they are. Others don’t even smile at their happy times, giving the impression that they are evil but they’re not. For all you know, they have a problem, besides their innate nature. Actually, a short grin or smile won’t kill you, but it gives you a good personality. I have seen a budding entrepreneur on a stage to receive a prize. When he went to the stage, the audience were all quiet. Not even an applause was given him, because his facial expression showed that he might not like the award or wasn’t satisfied with the award.

Facial expressions can be used to interact with people in meetings without opening your mouth. They can be very powerful. It is recommended that you smile a little to create an impression and to be loved. It’s absolutely not a good idea to frown all the time, because you never know who is watching.

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