Tiger Woods Is Highly Busk For The “Hero Shot At Baha Mar” Exhibition Match


At the mention of Golf, the first name that comes to mind is Tiger Woods. In fact, nobody does it better than this man on the playing ground as he flawlessly hit the ball into every of a sequence of the 18 holes within the minimal variety of strokes. Tiger Woods has been in the sport for a long time with lots of accolades inclusive of awards. He has however, bagged masses of ambassadorial roles for plenty agencies.

Several candies have gone his manner as one of the first-rate if not the satisfactory golfer in the world. For these reasons, the golf champion is billed to headline the Exhibition Golf Match at Hero World Challenge slated for December 2019. The exhibition match will host different stars from the golf fraternity.

The match will feature six gamers consisting of Gary Woodland, Jordan Spieth and Henrik Stenson. The star players will glaringly use a wedge and hit a goal that is set one hundred yards away over a pool on the event’s motel. It will genuinely be a remarkable scene with plenty of suspense throughout every fit. Based on every players performance, points will provided on closeness with one hundred points for the outer ring, 2 hundred for the inner, and 500 for the bullseye.

The tournament which will starts today Monday, December 2, will permit the players competing in the approaching Presidents Cup more time to tour and prepare for their trip to Royal Melbourne, Australia.

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