Russian Billionaire Unveils A Throne Full Of One Million Dollar Notes

Igor Rybakov


The world will never stop to flabbergast us with interesting news throughout each and every day. Russians have most likely accomplished something yet to be completed by any other individual or group as a glass throne loaded up with physical money of $1 million was unveiled to the world at an Art Residence in the capital, Moscow.

The Glass Chair which is called ‘Money Throne X10’ is simply shimmering and was wonderfully made by a Russian craftsman, Alexey Sergienko with main support from one of Russia’s billionaire, Igor Rybakov. Loads of individuals are trooping in to observe the throne and to have the chance to likewise sit on this notable honored chair.

The Money Throne X10

The special seat which was purposely made to make the wealthy in Russia and other visitors grasping the vitality of cash, has in fact pulled in numerous individuals to the million dollar creativity. The throne is made of more than two and half inch layers of bullet proof glass. The million dollars monetary notes are seen tranquilly sitting in the glass with people taking photos.

The billionaire, Igor Rybakov who is 47 is a building material sales representative, did this for its enthusiasm besides making people embrace the energy of money. Strangely, as per Igor, if anybody sits on this seat with a bad mindset, that mentality will quickly be increased by ten. And if you consider anything positive on the seat, it does same to you by ten times. So before you sit on it, attempt as much as you can to tune your psyche in a positive edge.

Visitors Having a feel of the Throne

Igor Rybakov is one of only a handful of Russian billionaires who occasionally flaunt his riches to urge others to look for money to achieve financial success in life. Igor Rybakov is Forbes 2018 world’s richest people list member with financial condition at $1.2 Billion.

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