Nana Ama McBrown’s Creativity Is Always On Point!


She began as a youthful bubbly entertainer who was adored by many. Her acting competence was remarkable contrasted with the others. Interestingly, Nana Ama McBrown is one of the few actors in Ghana who may be found each on all movie scenes regardless of language barrier because of her capacity to communicate in one of Ghana’s popular local language, Twi and the English language too.

Nana Ama McBrown has furthermore produced her very own TV shows besides her movie appearances. The most recent one of her arrangement of TV shows is United Showbiz. In Ghana and elsewhere, for some time now, our TV screens have been assaulted with a similar idea of TV programs where moderators pick intriguing stories from the web and then talk about them with their invited guests on different platforms.

For me, I tune off a portion of these radio and TV stations to pay special attention to one of a kind programs that is engaging as well as educative since it’s something very similar on these platforms. So when McBrown’s United Showbiz sprung up on TV, I couldn’t avoid in light of the fact that, it was unique, genuine, educative and extremely engaging. Nana Ama McBrown has consistently been altogether different from the others as her creativities are just remarkable.

McBrown’s Kitchen

Initially, it was a cooking show which to date is exceptionally unrivaled from the rest. Her kitchen is the just one in the country that is a remote huge van. So she drives to any part of the country to meet her guests for their cooking abilities. Presently, as referenced over, her new imagination is United Showbiz which is by and by one of a kind from other entertainment appears in Ghana.

The show talks about relevant issues influencing the entertainment industry. Besides this, it likewise celebrates Showbiz icons who have served the country with their talents, etc. However, before United Showbiz begins, the hostess who happens to be Nana Ama McBrown herself introduces the show with a zapping music execution with a live band. There are more to the show than you can think of, in this manner discover time to watch any of the over an hour show and see everything for yourself.

Some Ghanaian Music Icons on the Show

Nana Ama McBrown has without a doubt demonstrated her other part as a TV host with uniqueness. As a matter of fact, I trust her style isn’t replicated by the rest as it’s been a pattern. With the assistance of other executive producers, she has demonstrated past all uncertainty that she can do it regardless of what anybody says. Enough resources have gone into this program thus, it’s not astounding to see for all intents and purposes all the top Showbiz personalities on the show. Actually, they wouldn’t have been on the show if it somehow managed to be any common show.

All things considered, others also say, her introduction aptitudes in addition to the singing part which permits vocalists the chance to exhibit their singing abilities to the world by way of the Live band is the thing that makes the program peoples’ top pick. There are a number of exciting figures who have been here to participate in the discussion on United Showbiz. They incorporate music makers, engineers, film masters, media characters, music artists, dancers, arts and culture specialists, performers who have been in the setting for quite a while and some more.

Nana Ama McBrown has won innumerable number of awards both in the Showbiz hovers and outside it. She is best known for her comic facet in films and has been the face for some brand organizations in Ghana.

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