Experts Say These Songs Were Only Ranked By Popularity In 2019


2019 is almost long past and in that years, a number of songs were streaming all over the world. Some have been appropriate songs, others have not been absolutely so. They handiest received popularity for the sake of it. Notwithstanding, there are songs that have been equally lovely and desirable to the ear at some stage during the 12 months.

Some musicologists additionally thinks a variety of these songs have been overrated. According to other experts, most of these songs have been not deserving enough to be obtainable but were overly rated by people, hence acquired so many streams to the surprise of many. So which are the songs?

  1. Taylor Swift’s “Me!” which featured Brendon Urie is one.
Taylor Swift

YouTube Number of streams: 81,885,697+

Interestingly, Taylor Swift herself agreed that her “Me!” track is quite grating and infantile but she made it through streams.

2. Ava Max – “Sweet but Psycho”

Ava Max

YouTube Number of streams: 91,054,472+

Some peeps suppose Ava’s “Sweet but Psycho” is too much of bad use of words like “psycho” and “crazy,” that may arguably serve to stigmatize people with intellectual contamination.

3. Chris Brown – “No Guidance” featuring Drake

Chris Brown

YouTube Number of streams: 99,577,585+

Other faculty of idea believes this track is sincerely not so good but the fans probably did the magic, and Drake’s willingness to collaborate with him is not anything more than a huge unhappiness.

4. Billie Eillish – “Wish You Were Gay”

Billie Eillish

YouTube Number of streams: 105,484,473+

All that said, “Wish You Were Gay” is Eilish’s maximum disappointing hit. In addition to the legitimate complaint from the LGBTQ community, it’s also the maximum dulled-down and commercialized version of her particular combo of gothic pop with assaults.

5. Ed Sheeran – “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber

Ed Sheeran

YouTube Number of streams: 117,349,475+

Few music experts think that, “I Don’t Care” became none close to the first-class of those vocalists. The lyrics are shallow, the manufacturing is generic, and the shortage of falsetto is flat-out disappointing.

6. Khalid featuring Disclosure – “Talk”


YouTube.Number of streams: 127,436,587+

“Talk” isn’t a horrific tune, but experts say, it is no longer fresh or interesting. It received an undue amount of hype and interest, basically through nature of its launch as a single – and probably boosted through its aesthetically desirable track video – that might’ve been given to some of superior songs on Khalid’s 2019 album.

7. Juice Wrld – “Robbery”

Juice World (late)

YouTube Number of streams: 138,042,one hundred twenty five+

“Robbery” tries to recreate Juice Wrld’s emo magic, but compared to his breakout hit “Lucid Dreams,” the lead single for his 2019 album simply appears like a watered-down, overly whiny scam.

Unfortunately, Juice Wrld has passed on after the list of the overrated songs.

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