Google Is Currently In Talks With Ireland About Renting Offices

Google has announced that it is negotiating with Ireland to lease 18,000 square feet (18,766 square feet) from the Sorting Office, with a seven-story office building being developed at Pat Creans Marlett Dockings in Dublin real estate group. If approved, Google’s sorting service will provide enough space to increase the existing Dublin 8,000 employees to 2,000 employees.

Google’s decision to open in Central Park was a big blow to Sandyford in trying to keep up with the main business district of Dublin users. However, tracking the Sorting Office is seen as proof that the company intends to focus on most of its operations on the city dock.

Meanwhile, an agreement with Google will be a huge success for Mapletree Investments, because the Sorting Service completed the acquisition of 240 million euros by June.
Google’s main activity in Dublin continues to be carried out by European headquarters on Barrow Street and the nearby Montevetro building.

Company employees also own the 8,965 square meters (96,500 square feet) Grand Canal Mill building, the 4,738 square meters (51,000 square feet) Velasco building on Grand Canal Street, and the Dennis O’Brien’s multilevel business office in One Grand Canal Quay. The company also has an office in Block L at Freeman House in Eastpoint Business Park.

Google’s biggest investment in the Dublin office market was made last year with a $ 300 million contract to acquire the entire Bolands Quay program. After completion, the development will cover 36,851 square meters of office, residential, commercial and cultural space and accommodate up to 2,500 workers.

Botswana Leads As The Least Corrupt Economy In Africa


Growing up, I was naive about everything including what was happening around me. As an adult, I have learned that the word CORRUPTION is always in the air. So I decided to research on it. From my research, I discovered that this canker exist throughout the world, including the newest one that happened a year ago which involved the World’s football governing body, FIFA and the African continent in general. So from the African perspective, I wanted to know the LEAST corrupt country on the continent.

Per research, it showed that Botswana is at the peak of the least corrupt economy in Africa. This is a good performance for the country considering their small population which is a little over 240,000 and their status on the continent.

The index, which lists 180 countries and territories according to the level of public sector corruption felt by experts and business people, uses a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being very corrupt and 100 very clean. This year, more than two third countries were ranked less than 50 for the CPI, with an average rating of only 43.

The Capital Of Botswana, Gaborone

Botswana is ranked 34th in the world and of 180 countries with 61/100.

Fast Rising Economies In 2019


Citizens’ satisfaction is very high if production, consumption, or foreign investment in a relatively underdeveloped country or region increases significantly. There is also a great interest of investors and opportunities for stable and rapid growth of the economy. Every emerging country contributes to the growth of the global economy in diverse ways.

2018 was somewhat slow in some countries, but also a transmogrification in other countries. The difference is that the countries in which the changes occur may have made a lot of effort to achieve this feat whiles others were ‘creeping’. These creeping countries experienced currency problems, lower commodity prices and lower investor confidence. This is a clear sign that emerging markets are not the same.

Several factors have been an obstacle for some developing countries. According to surveys, short term of government officials is one of them. To satisfy citizens, and not for personal reasons, government officials should have enough time to regulate or control public affairs to meet national development standards. On the other hand, other economists do not accept this requirement. According to them, it does not necessarily has to be how long or short the term plan is but the efficiency within the time frame is what matters.

Negative events in the stock market also had different effects on the main macroeconomic indicators. Yes, national governance is not as easy as a pie, but the macroeconomic approach is controlled with extra vigilance, especially with regard to expansion. This approach will bring great economic growth in the future.

The Brookings Institution pronounced a global turning point that in 2018, historically, more than half of the world was considered “middle class”. It is expected that consumption in developing countries will reach 30 trillion dollars a year by 2025, which is expected to be about half of world global consumption, with an increase of 12 trillion dollars in 2010.

Asia seems to be faster than most of the growing global economies. Do you remember the big trade battle between America and China? Well, investments in trade and production were transferred to the ASEAN economies. And it was a blessing in disguise for these Asian countries as they came as a foredeal. Consequently, many multinational companies are rethinking their supply chains.

It is refreshing to know that some countries are rising from their slumber to a higher level to be a better economy. Countries like India have worked against certain development al obstacles and are expected to grow in 2019. Particularly, when they were often hit by both currency and exports decline. India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world under collective pressure. According to the World Bank, India’s gross domestic product is expected to grow by 7.3 percent in this fiscal year.

Latin American countries, including Colombia, Chile and Peru, are gradually recovering from their weak economy to a growing economy, because of the high growth rate of these countries. Brazil and Mexico, which struggle with political ambiguity, are also in a hurry to get out of it. All of these countries benefit from the ideas of industrialized countries. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) anticipates that growth in the Middle East and North Africa will be limited, in part, by weak oil production and geopolitical tensions, but will still achieve 2.4% GDP growth in 2019 before recovering to around 3% in 2020.

Unfortunately, business conditions in South Africa are very unhealthy and neighboring countries are isolated from the risk of this crisis. This problem exists not only in South Africa, but also in several other countries. However, the South African government is working hard to change many problems. One third of sub-Saharan Africa is expected to grow by more than 5% this year, securing the title of the world’s second fastest growing region by 2020.

On the African continent, Ivory Coast ranked first in 2019, with a growth of 7.4 percent. Rwanda, Senegal and Ghana each contributed 7.2, 7 and 6.3% respectively. In order for the national economy to be regarded as a developing country or an industrial country, it must be one of the most dynamic investment objectives because of its economic stability, quality of governance, and company regulations. In this way, you have the opportunity to join a group of industrial countries such as China, the fastest growing economy in the world in 2019, with 6.4% growth against 5.8% in India.

Latin America Showed Advantages In The US-Chinese String


From a Latin American perspective, the trade war between the US and China offered opportunities for the food and semi-finished goods sector. As business leaders in the region raised their short-term hopes to export soybeans, cotton, corn, meat, wine, and other products to Asian superpowers, they also focussed on tackling China’s resistance to value-added goods. They were also ready to take the remaining positions in the US market after Washington imposed higher tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum.

At least until that time, Brazilian and Argentinian manufacturers have been exempted from customs. The more big dogs fight, the more opportunities open to countries in South and Central America. The trade between China and Latin America rose 18.8% to $ 260 billion in 2017 before a trade war broke out and the country’s investment in the region exceeded $ 200 billion.

Apparently, disputes between China and the US opened up opportunities for Latin American countries. Some South American export sectors were able to meet Chinese requirements. Brazil was already a major supplier of soybeans in China, and Argentina was a major supplier of poultry in China. Even Paraguay, which has no diplomatic relations with China, estimated that soybean exports will increase through indirect channels.

The Argentine Soybean Productive Chain Association (SPCA), believed that, the situation could force China to increase imports of soybean oil and bran from South America to overcome long-standing reluctance to buy value-added products from Argentina and Brazil.

However, South Americans remained cautious in calculating future benefits, because tensions between Washington and Beijing could be reduced by telephone calls.

Your Facial Expression Says A Lot About You!


Obviously, every individual has their own innate behavior, so it is difficult to change that person into new behavior. Probably, this will take a long time, although it is possible. You can be in your best of elements in everything you do, but one of the behaviors that can distract you from pursuing your aspirations is your face. Facial muscles have done to many people good and bad at the same time. Our “animal face”, as some people like to call it, no matter biological or not, can embarrass you when you really need a position. There are cases where contracts have been terminated due to facial expressions at the last minute.

To buttress this point, an aspiring musician had gone through all the pain, pressure and struggle to get an agreement to be managed by a record label. He was extremely happy to tell his colleagues in the game and his family about the agreement he was just about to sign. One family member was not contented with it because he thought the money involved was small in amount. So he manipulated the musician’s opinion about the agreement.

This rising musician was very confused, but on the day, he went to the transaction management meeting. During the meeting, he was still confused about signing the agreement. Unfortunately for him, his mind reflected his expression. The recording label asked if he was really ready for the deal because they considered him a good artist. The answer was drawn from his face- it was very bad. Management announced the cancellation of the contract a few seconds later. A few days later, the label signed a new artist with the same starting amount.

So you see, there are many people who never smile and when you ask them, they tell you that’s who they are. Others don’t even smile at their happy times, giving the impression that they are evil but they’re not. For all you know, they have a problem, besides their innate nature. Actually, a short grin or smile won’t kill you, but it gives you a good personality. I have seen a budding entrepreneur on a stage to receive a prize. When he went to the stage, the audience were all quiet. Not even an applause was given him, because his facial expression showed that he might not like the award or wasn’t satisfied with the award.

Facial expressions can be used to interact with people in meetings without opening your mouth. They can be very powerful. It is recommended that you smile a little to create an impression and to be loved. It’s absolutely not a good idea to frown all the time, because you never know who is watching.

Know About Google’s Online Traffic Trick


I have been writing for several years without knowing the tricks on how to access online traffic. I was very frustrated after I typed, edited, proofread, and added words to the content but wasn’t getting the needed attention. It was few years ago when I learned that Google has a policy that allows you to get more readers online. I tried it and I think I can share it with you.

It takes time to become an SEO expert, but you’d have to consistently do it without relaxing and the results will turn up.

  1. Get your keyword research on.
  2. Put the keywords to work.
  3. Write about something people care about.
  4. Know the basics of technical SEO.
  5. Make it long enough to count.
  6. Watch your analytics.
  7. Edit your work well.
  8. Become your own online PR agency.

Mariah Carey Is Set To Shoot One Of The Biggest Christmas adverts for 2019!


Mariah Carey recently visited Dubai and attended the Dubai Expo 2020 concert which is about a year to go in United Arab Emirates. Apart from her indulgent appearance, her clothes were the subject of discussion as she wore a sparkling dress with platform sandals. Mariah is known for her different fashion tastes and no one dazzles like her. The American singer-songwriter was dressed extraordinarily and impressed with the appearance of a delicate red carpet complete with high heavenly shoes. Describing the dress, Mariah wore a dazzling and almost ethereal gown that was decorated with gold and copper models with beads of Furne One, a designer and founder of Amato Couture from Dubai. She was hailed for such beautiful dress.

The ethereal gown decorated with gold, copper & beads worn by Mariah Carey in Dubai

Few days after these plaudits in Dubai, Walkers (a Snack brand) had planned to involve Mariah Carey as the face of the Christmas Walker campaign for 2019. She will be the new face of the Christmas Walker campaign after it is reported that the Snack giant had signed a £ 9 million contract with her.

The world’s pop superstar replaced Spice Girls as the new face. Obviously, you shouldn’t be surprised about this Advert deal. Mariah Carey is known throughout the world for the Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is You”. This agreement is scheduled to begin in November 2019.

In 2018, Walkers tapped the buds with limited seasonal flavors – including Brussels Walnut, Pigs In Blankets, and Glazed Ham – with customers demanding for a return. Therefore, Walkers planned to satisfy customers with the return of an exciting Christmas from the beloved British brand with the Queen of Christmas as her cult hit song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is 25 years old.

For Walkers, this is far greater than working with a music icon like Mariah Carey.

Interestingly, Mariah Carey is not the only star to jump on the platform in this upcoming step. Lady Gaga is also part of the vacation. Gaga has long been a fan of statement platforms. Others include Britney Spears, Gabriel Union and Jessica Alba.

Serena Williams Almost Died!


Serena is loved by many people because of what she stands for in the tennis world. She recently wrote a statement that surprised fans and people all over the world. According to her, she almost died after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia, who is only two years old.

The Grand Slam Superstar said she had many complications before birth. One or more arteries in the lungs were blocked by blood clots. In addition, Williams said she always lived in fear of this situation because of her medical history with this problem. At the hospital, when her breathing was short, she quickly called a nurse within a split of a second because she was very scared. The winner of the 23rd Grand Slam was passionate about this raumatic experience.

The incision wound was opened due to a severe cough and as a result of embolism. She had to go back to surgery, where the doctors found a large hematoma in her stomach, and a swollen lumps in her abdomen. Williams returned to the operating room just not to allow blood clots enter the lungs.

After the operation, she finally went back to her family but spent the first six weeks in bed. Williams was also concerned about the financial abuse experienced by women based on what The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found out. As such, Williams stated that black women in the United States die three times more often from the causes of pregnancy or childbirth.

You Attract Attention When You Interact With Your Colleagues Socially And Psychologically

Self Development

Social Psychology is about the phenomena of social behavior. It attracts a lot of attention because it is about the events and processes that make up our daily lives. It looks at our feelings, our thoughts and our behavior, and tries to describe and explain aspects of the human condition, such as love and hate, happiness and sadness, pride and prejudice, comedy and tragedy. More than any other field of psychology, it is directly about me and you.

We live in a world that is awash with psychological analysis. We are looking to explain why someone is a good contestant on say; THE SUPERSTAR or a good prime minister, and we commonly look to their character and their relationships with other people. This analysis is carried out with varying degrees of scientific rigour and, to be fair, it rarely rises above the level of speculation and gossip. The field of scientific social psychology, however, has over 100 years of research findings to inform our understanding of social behavior.

The start of social psychology is sometimes dated to 1897 and the experimental work of Norman Triplett into the effects of cooperation and competition on performance. Triplett observed that racing cyclists achieved better times on a circuit when they had someone pacing them. In a ride of 25 miles, the average times per mile were 20% quicker when using a pacemaker on practice runs and even quicker in real competition. In his further research, he realised that, children wound fishing reels faster when there were other children also winding fishing reels in the same room.

The main concerns of social psychology commonly reflect the concerns of the time. For instance, at the end of the nineteenth century there were social concerns about the behaviour of crowds. In particular, there was increasing unrest on the part of working people against repressive social conditions, and the emergence of strategies of collective political action, such as mass strikes and demonstrations. These demonstrations frequently led to violence as police and army forces attempted to suppress them. It was during this time that Le Bon (1895/1995) carried out his research and proposed that the source of this violence lay in a kind of ‘mob psychology’.

When people were in a crowd, their individual conscience and autonomy were suppressed, and they reverted to primeval or animalistic state in which they would commit acts of aggression which were unthinkable to the same people when acting as individuals. These ideas have been challenged and developed by modern psychologists. During the middle of the twentieth century, social psychologists carried out some of the great studies that have defined the field for generations of students.

The Milgram study on obedience, the Seligman study of cult membership and the Sherif study on prejudice are just some of the many investigations that had a wide scope and have challenged the ways that we think about ourselves. For many years following these studies, social psychology largely withdrew to the laboratory and carried out clever but very narrow research. More recently, the field has been looking outwards again and dealing directly with real-life behaviour, and sometimes carrying out large -scale studies. There is alsoba strong focus on applied work looking at health behaviors and crimes.

The revolution in social communication over the last 20 years has been a new focus for social psychology. Research has looked at social networking and online behaviors that cause concern, such as bullying. One question concerns whether these digital technologies are providing opportunities for new behaviors or whether we are carrying out the same behaviors we always did but in a new environment.

Are Greetings Compulsory At All?

Self Development

I thought I should greet him for showing respect, but he did not answer my salutation. All he could do was look up at me with a strange face. Out of shame, I passed quickly, just to get out of that disgrace. I am actually a shy person and so when that scene happened, I was very hurt – I looked like a dumb person. A few days later, this 50-year-old man who had previously done this to me also met a similar scene where he greeted his boss in the office and the answer went awry. Therefore, he complained bitterly to his office colleagues that he was put to shame by his boss in the presence of other subordinates. Actually, greetings are not binding actions that should be given to anyone you meet.

If you greet someone, whether you know him or not, it will, in some sense, bring joy to you (the one greeting) and the recipient. Offering such greetings will help both of you in the sense that you will have the opportunity to get to know yourselves. However, if there are secrets, you can share them. And there is the possibility that one might even hint you of a plan against you that your enemy might have planned. Greetings are signs of respect shown to neighbors, friends, family, etc.

Unfortunately, many people feel questioned or troubled to greet and are therefore not interested in these actions. As previously agreed, this action is not enforced, but voluntary. You can choose to be selective in your regard. It’s up to you to decide, but to be on the safe side, it’s good to say hello! to every known or unknown person you meet.

My name is Armanda Osei and you can choose to take my advise or not. It is not binding.

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